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Matisse’s Violet Leaf on Orange Background (1947). 

Matisse’s Violet Leaf on Orange Background (1947). 

Hotel Posada Mirador, Mexico

Noah and the Ark

A page from the the early 15th- century Bedford Hours, made in Paris for John, Duke of Bedford, the English Regent of France.

Michael Olivo



Song Premiere: Ruby Rae, “Mary Eastey”

The Artist: Brooklyn-based swamp pop singer Ruby Rae
The Song: “Mary Eastey” from her EP Voodoo Queen, out August 12th
Fun Fact: The New York native has been releasing music since 2010 as an independent artist and has played with performers including Tyler Beckwith (We Are The Woods), Ed Coleman (The Debutantes), Jaime Fallon (The Debutantes), Kristin Forbes (The Scotch Bonnets), and Olivia Mancini (Olivia Mancini & The Mates).
Songwriter Says: “While writing songs for the Voodoo Queen EP last year, I discovered that I was related to Mary Eastey who was accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692. I became fascinated by the role of my ancestor in this emblematic moment of American history and learned in my research that her accusation came as a surprise because she was a respected and pious member of the community. Despite her persuasive appeal at sentencing, she was hanged on September 22, 1692. About a month after her execution, her neighbor Mary Herrick testified to the court that she had been visited by Mary Eastey’s ghost who told her she was innocent, and Eastey’s family was compensated with 20 pounds in 1711 for wrongful execution.

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Song premiere on American Songwriter!!!


"Their parents kissed."
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Tom Butler

Tom Butler